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Born with built in radar for distress, albeit physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, I have been watching, helping and listening to people since I was a young girl.

At the heart of my childhood there was illness, and just about every one of our relatives made the pilgrimage to our home in Minnesota to get their "treatments" at the famous Mayo Clinic. Each aunt, uncle and cousin presented another opportunity for me, the little girl with the gift of healing in her hands, to get some more practice.

What Clients Say...

One of the key elements that I look for in a massage therapist is how much their love and compassion pour through their hands. Not only does Julie Evans have "knowing" hands, her mysterious healing powers add dimensions to her treatments. I confidently send my family to Julie and receive sessions when I need a spiritual boost and therapeutic touch. I also recommend my friends and others to Julie so they can receive her unique Divine-given gifts. Her words of wisdom also facilitate a deeper healing experience.
Linda Winnick, Owner Shakti Yoga, Woodstock, Kingston, and Saugerties, New York

Julie Evans is one of the founding members of Healthcare is a Human Right, Inc. — we are a registered non-profit that provides free holistic health care to our Hudson Valley Communities, since 2004. All are welcome, but many come to our clinics who could never afford a massage. I have seen so many suffering people welcomed into Julie.s healing space and emerge healed, glowing, acknowledged and loved for who they are. I have experienced that power myself. Julie does not just give an excellent therapeutic massage — she is a true healer. She will change the story of your life.
Susan Weeks, RPA-C, Acting Executive Director and Board President, Healthcare is a Human Right, Inc.

Julie Evans is an outstanding licensed massage therapist and all the additional workshops and training sessions she has taken have added to her skills. More importantly is her intuitive response to the body. I consider Julie a healer. Lastly, her client rapport is nurturing and caring. I have been working with Julie for over 30 years. Whenever I am in need, I call Julie. One cannot hope for more.
Sandy Siegel, client for 30 years.

I have enjoyed the benefits of massage therapy for decades, and can unequivocally state that Julie is the best massage therapist that I have ever experienced. Aside from the fact that she practices many modalities and has a magical gift of touch, her intuitiveness is unparalleled, as she can sense and focus upon areas of the body that need the most attention. Her massages are more than releasing muscle tension and pain...they are healing massages that go deep into the body and touch on all aspects of wellness.
Gary Chetkof, President, Radio Woodstock 100.1

While a physician tends to the needs of the body and a psychologist ministers to the emotions ...and a teacher to the mind... and a clergy person to the spirit, few cross boundaries into healing the whole person. Julie Evans is that rare kind of healer. In her work as a Licensed Massage Therapist she touches every aspect of an individual.s sacred and profane existence, and along the way helps him or her walk straighter, be healthier, feel quieter, think clearer, and know greater peace.
Steven Lewis, Author

I cannot believe how much discomfort Julie Evans has taken out of my neck and shoulders. It is unbelievable how she has the knowledge and power in her hands and heart to do so much good. I never would have believed that what she accomplished could be done. She is an amazing massage therapist.
John Senkowicz, Retired Roofer, Kingston, New York

I've been getting regular massage since 1968. I've lived on Maui, a Mecca for all sorts of massage techniques, and in Boulder Colorado, which has more massage therapists per capita than any city in the world and I know I've experienced some of the best (and worst) practitioners out there. I don't say this lightly when I say that Julie Evans is the most talented, knowledgeable, and intuitive therapist I've ever worked with. What separates Julie from most is her intuitive ability to find a problem area without any input from me, although she always asks. She's the best medicine in my life.
Alan Kessler, Broker, Saugerties, New York

Waiting in the lobby of the Mayo Clinic for one of our kinfolk, Mama would have me try to figure out what was bothering the folks we were sitting with. She had me looking at the way shoes wore out and how people walked or sat down or even tilted their head to the side. She thought it all mattered.

My parents died when I was a teenager and I struggled to come to grips. I found myself by working with cancer patients. As doctors rushed from patient to patient with hardly enough time to listen, I could ease some of their distress by holding their hands and listening to their stories.

As far back as I can see there are my hands. The little hands of a five-year-old struggling to open a Mason jar of Mama's famous Cherokee Wild Cat Juice to rub into her sore back. Massaging Grandma Susie's stiff hands so she could continue to weave her baskets and make pretty necklaces out of beads. And there I am as an eight year old massaging my daddy's chest and back trying to help him breathe a little easier.

And now I am a fully trained and certified massage therapist. I live to piece together the puzzle of mind, body and spirit. My mission is to take everything I was born knowing and everything I have learned and put it to use in the world to help people interpret what their bodies are saying. I want to help people transform their pains into pathways, their diseases into doorways, and their wellness into a way of life.

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