Kingdom Cards
Keys to Living A Faithfilled Life (111 phrases — each one a nudge in a good direction)

Kingdom Cards were created to remind us there is a choice to be made, an option to consider, a higher path to follow. I've found that thoughts and emotions can wear me out and sometimes I just need a fresh word. That's what Kingdom Cards offer. Encouraging words truly affect me and give me a pause in this busy life. I draw a card in the morning to set a tone for my day. I have my clients pick one when they arrive for their massage and maybe another when they leave.

Inspirational Cards. Keys to living a faith filled life
Kingdom Cards
111 Inspirational Cards in a box
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I've been collecting the words and phrases on these cards for years. Many of them I jotted down in the margins of my bible when revelation was in the air or simply stumbled upon while reading. These cards are my heartfelt offering for all the awesome words that have been poured into my life.

I am a massage therapist and counselor, an advocate for the underserviced community and a minister. It's taken me a few years to pull together this project that I now share with you in hopes you find it a good fit for your life. I spend many hours of every day listening to wonderful people talk about the challenges of living a good and fulfilling life. Sometimes all it takes is a word to create a shift in the way we see something

Each box of Kingdom Cards contains 111 gorgeously designed cards each with a thought provoking or encouraging phrase or word printed on one side. I believe the words we speak have a powerful effect on how we feel and what choices we make.

Faith has led me on a path of discovery and healing and I've relied on words of wisdom and insight to help me make the next best move.

I hope these cards help people walk in love, show mercy and pursue peace. I know that I can be brought to my knees by the power of one single word and I know I'm not the only one.

Words both written and spoken have saved my life and daily direct my path and inspire me. I search for words to show me the way.