I grew up in Minnesota.  I learned how to fix things from my Dad and how to love people from my Mom. My Mom and Dad passed away when I was a teenager. I have two sisters, Cyndi, who lives in England and Beverly, who has lived in Mexico since I was a little girl.

I got married nine years ago to Tommy Porto and we have a good life together. We live in a little house that sits next to a stream and overlooks a mountain that I hike nearly every week. Tommy is a hard working man and a gifted and passionate musician. Tommy has a son, Jordan. My closest kin are the Hampton tribe in Zena, Oklahoma.

I love to figure things out and make things better. I am deeply involved in healing and teaching and firmly believe that both take place when personal narratives are shared. When someone tells me his or her story I can enter into it. I have a tremendous need to write. I struggle to find the words to express how good God is and how much courage it takes to live a holy life. But I do find them.

My mother always said she should have named me Joy and that is the name of the road where I live and the title of my new memoir. Joy Road, which will be published this spring. I have found my way home.

— Julie

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